According to the wolf of Wall Street book you could get an Aston Martin with several bond like items back in the 80s. The book said it had a thing that would drop out nails and tacks on the road and I can't remember what else it had, but I remember him saying that the added features were cool but caused electrical… » 11/21/14 2:38pm Today 2:38pm

Also don't forget that the coaching staff was constantly in transition for his whole career before Harbaugh. He had a ridiculous number of systems and new coaches which make it impossible to improve, and then once he finally had a stable coach in Harbaugh who had a vision he finally showed his potential. I'm an Eagles… » 11/14/14 7:53pm 11/14/14 7:53pm

If you grow up as a kid seeing your idols smoke, you're gonna start to think its cool, especially with how impressionable young people are. Even if you don't realize that the ads play a big part in causing people to smoke, it does happen often. Why else would companies be pouring billions into advertising? » 11/14/14 1:29am 11/14/14 1:29am

Wow. You really don't know satire do you? Go look at that articles date of post. It's a fucking April fools joke post. Red Bull still uses Renault engines, which you would know if you had any common sense, rather than just being an American-car hater who waits a month to reply to arguments » 11/13/14 9:14am 11/13/14 9:14am