Wait, you're telling me that the prosecution did their job and tried to convince the jury that his actions were bad?!?!?! I bet his lawyer painted a totally unbiased picture for the jury and didn't try to make his offenses seem not as bad as they were. Prosecutors try to make offenses look bad, while defense lawyers… » 12/11/14 1:13pm 12/11/14 1:13pm

It is certainly not always faster. Usually AWD systems add weight which puts it at a disadvantage, which is why most racing series use RWD. AWD is often fastest for less skilled drivers (think Nissan GT-R, though don't take this as me saying "AWD drivers are bad") or poor conditions, but RWD is often fastest around a… » 12/11/14 12:51pm 12/11/14 12:51pm

I wouldn't be surprised if even with the power loss that the vette would still beat the hellcat. Doesn't change the fact though that gm should at least try to work on a fix for the owners, especially considering that nobody who plopped down 70k for a track toy expected this » 12/11/14 10:11am 12/11/14 10:11am