So to you objectiveness is the only factor? Apparently we shouldn't be human and emotional, but only be completely rational all the time. Also when you claim that the ZR1 is nothing but a "sled with a juiced truck motor" you are massively underselling the amount of engineering and quality it has » 9/11/14 11:19am 9/11/14 11:19am

I think a big part of the issue is that if you did get the laws off the books, manufacturers would still have to create a MASSIVE amount of infrastructure to set up a dealership system that was at least as convenient as the current system. It would require a ton of work and money to get going, especially when you look… » 9/10/14 5:20pm 9/10/14 5:20pm

The reason the superbirds are so expensive is because they were very low production, with unique looks, and were very successful and visible in a popular racing series. It was a homologation special that they produced less than 2000 of, and I wouldn't be surprised if the number of them remaining is much lower… » 9/10/14 5:07pm 9/10/14 5:07pm